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2020 Cadet Year – Branch

September, 2020

To The Parents of NLCC E.J. Stolk & RCSCC 299 Mackenzie

First off, what a weird spring/summer! Hope you all had a great spring break.

Welcome to a new cadet experience. Please join us in this process as we make our way through this challenging year. We have got a great program planned but this year – it’s all about communication. There will be monthly emails sent out from Branch keeping everyone up to date on what is going on with our program, events and our fundraising.

A few notes / details for the upcoming year for both Sea Cadets and NL Cadet Parents:

  • Make sure that you keep in good contact with the Officers for each corps. If you have not already “liked” our Facebook pages, please do so. This is a key element of a lot of our communicating with the parents. Mackenzie has a page, Stolk has a page, and Stony Plain Branch also has a page.
  • Check out our brand new website – It will also be updated regularly.
  • Please be sure to keep an eye on your emails.
  • If there are ever any issues that the parents need to talk to someone about, please know that this is one of the main reasons that our branch exists. Any questions or concerns can be communicated as follows:
    • Regarding the officers, Corps or branch executive:
    • Regarding accounting or family accounts:
    • Regarding communication:
    • Regarding screening coordinator:
    • Regarding fundraising:

Branch policy is to acknowledge phone calls and/or emails with a 24-hour period during a weekday.

What is the branch?

The branch is the umbrella Parent Group that covers both the NL cadets and the Sea Cadets. The branch is responsible for the operations of such items as rent, utilities, phone, All NL wants and needs and certain Sea Cadet wants or needs. The branch was also created to ensure the relations between Parents and Officers are strong, and that the cadets of both corps are privy to and enjoy all that the program has to offer. Without a Branch Parent Organization, the Cadet units cannot exist. We want to promote a very strong parent community… after all, you should be able to also enjoy the program and make new friends too 🙂


Although both programs are almost of no charge to the parents, please note that this does not mean that the program is completely free. Both programs do cost money to run and there are many bills to pay. To ensure that the programs have little cost to you, the parent, we must fundraise. We will be keeping you updated with current fundraisers via the monthly emails, the website and on a poster above the branch table on cadet nights.

This year, we will be continuing our previous fundraising to the family accounts with one small change. Rather than requiring $650.00 to be fundraised for the entire year, we are modifying it slightly to be $65.00 / month to the family account with residual either staying there for future month requirements or transferred to the cadets personal account as requested.

I have attached a more detailed explanation regarding the fundraising and our schedule to this letter as well.

For those of you who are new to our program, welcome and I look forward to meeting you. For those of you I already know – look forward to seeing everyone again!

Jodi Freeland
NLOC Stony Plain Branch

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