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Online Auction Basket Sign up

Here is our plan!

Our Online Auction event is slated to run in mid March for 10 days. We will keep you updated on the final dates after we get the organization part done for the baskets & contributions.

Corporate Sponsors

If you have an in with a corporate sponsor for your contribution to this years online auction - Go ahead as per usual. We are looking for larger contributions - ideally $150 or more (prefer either gift certificates or very good (like awesome) swag. The value of the item once auctioned will be applied to your family account. Otherwise....

Themed Baskets

This year, we are going to auction off themed baskets!

You can click a theme to view the available items you can contribute to a specific basket. These are not definitive lists! We need your help to fill in alternative ideas if you have any. There is signups available for anything you can think of to contribute that isn't already in the list. Just sign up to 'Other' and email us at '' with your idea.

Ideally, contribution value should be approximately $65.00 total per family (equal to your monthly fundraising amount).  The value of the basket at auction will be divided by the signups for that basket.

Alternatively, you could donate the $65.00 and we will use the donations to make a series of smaller baskets which would be distributed among the families that donated cash. Instead of choosing a sign up - just e-transfer '' with your cadet names and 'Auction Basket Donation' in the memo field.

Once you have signed up - do not go shopping yet! On February 10th (closing date for these sign ups), we want to review the basket signups and see if we can make full baskets or shuffle stuff around a bit with ideas you've contributed.

**Please note - Winners, Home Sense etc Gift cards go with any basket.  Themed Gift cards are welcome!

Themes include:

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