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Corps Officers

LT (NL) Kristin Hoberg – Commanding Officer

MID (NL) Sarah Lively – Executive Officer

MD (NL) Adam Millar – Stores Officer

SLT (NL) Jurgen Stolk – Training Officer

CI Jarred Maciocha – Safety Officer 

Navy League officers are not members of, nor are they affiliated with, the Canadian Forces – they are dedicated volunteers who have one common interest: developing and growing our nation’s youth.

Navy League officers go through an application and screening process which includes a thorough background check. This serves two purposes:

  • To create and maintain a safe environment for our Cadets and volunteers
  • To ensure an appropriate match between each volunteer and their duties

In addition to each volunteer’s unique background and skills, all officers and instructors receive training from the Navy League of Canada. This training provides all instructors with the skills required to work with today’s youth.

We are always looking for more officers – if this sounds like something you would be interested in, please talk to our Commanding Officer on any Thursday evening.