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The Branch, which is essentially a parent/volunteer committee, is responsible for ensuring that both the Navy League Cadets and Sea Cadets have a place to call home and enough funds for basic corps operations.

Branch members consists mostly of parents; however, any person with an interest in our program can volunteer to be a branch member. The Branch consists of a President, Vice President(s), Treasurer(s) and Secretary (considered the “Executive”), along with any other parents/volunteers who have paid their Branch membership. These people are considered “voting members”.

The Branch Executive is elected by the voting members of the branch, and is elected once a year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM is normally held at the end of training year, but prior to the next training year starting (between June and September).

Our Mission Statement

Branch’s function is to support a fun, safe, affordable and inclusive youth program by facilitating a unified environment for parents, cadets and officers.

Branch Executive Job Descriptions & Expectations
Branch Auxiliary Job Descriptions & Expectations